welcome to the music page, this is where i post about music. i might add separate pages for specific artists but for now, this is the main page.
if you can't tell by my site's name, my favorite band is king gizzard & the lizard wizard. i also like humble pie, mgmt, t rex, the lemon twigs, pink floyd, tame impala... and many others that i cannot name right now. but those are the main bands i like.
ive been collecting cds and records since 2016. my discogs account is TheWhollyGhost but my collection isn't fully added yet.

new! check out my growing list of albums ive heard!

the concert list (4 right now. im gunna fill it all out with time so give me sum)

  • steve miller band w/ peter frampton (august? 2017, red rocks)
  • steve miller band w/ peter frampton (july or august? 2018, fiddlers green)
  • peter frampton w/ jason bonham (july 2019, red rocks)
  • king gizzard & the lizard wizard w/ stonefield and orb (august 21, 2019, mission ballroom, I LOVE U STU)
  • greta van fleet (sumtime in 2019, red rocks, they were molto bene)
  • twenty one pilots (2019 as well, pepsi center, wowzers they put on a good show!!!)
  • .
  • thats the part where i add more when i get the chance
  • king gizzard & the lizard wizard (may 6th, 2020, red rocks) (im listing future stuff now)
  • green day/weezer/fall out boy w/ the interrupters (some sports field idk sports outside of hockey lol, sumtime in july)
  • tame impala w/ perfume genius (HI KEVIN!!!!! pepsi center, also in july)
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